I made my first trip for sheet goods with the new Subaru. Everything went fine, with no harm to the sheet goods and no harm to the car. I got three sheets of cherry plywood, which will produce all the bookcase parts except the backs. I don’t have room in the shop to store the 1/2" sheets of plywood for the backs and they will warp if I try to store them on their sides. I’ll go back for those later.

three sheets of cherry plywood

I spent some time today breaking down the sheets into slightly oversized parts. It’s really easy to sand through the thin veneer, especially at the corners. Having oversized parts means I’ll trim away any such mistakes when I take them to final size. The new panel cutting jig worked perfectly.

bookcase parts

Next is a long batch of sanding, then I move on to finishing. I’ll trim them to final size after I do finishing.