Door Sanding

The last few days I’ve been sanding the faces of my doors. And sanding doors some more.

door held for sanding

Today I finally finished sanding them all and rounded over the edges as well. I took care to not round over the corners of the hinge mortises.

doors sanded

Mounting Doors

I also started mounting doors. This is a high risk situation, since I’m mortising into already mounted face frames. I needed a way to mark my doors cleanly. A bit of green tape and my marking knife left a nice, crisp cut as a guide for where to place the mortising jig.

I worked out a way to hold my hinge mortise jig on the face frames of the cabinets. I cut the jig down to be slightly short. Then, since I have cutoffs of various thickness I find one of the right thickness to align the jig with my knife marks (it’s that thin strip of wood between the top of the jig and the top of the frame).

a shim offsets the jig properly

A stick on the top or bottom and a shim to snug it tight, and it only requires one hand to hold tight to the corner of the face frame.

jig in place for a top mortise

jig in place for a bottom mortise

After routing out most of the material with the trim router, I’m left with a mess.

routing done

But after cleaning out the corners with chisel and mallet, I’m ready to try mounting a door. I drill a single hole and place one screw into the door and one into the frame for each hinge. Looks like I’ve found a method that will work, as long as I exercise enough care with each one.

mounted door closed

mounted door open