Yesterday I started mounting my first pair of doors. The issue here is that I have to get the doors to line up to each other, and even a small variance will show. Last evening I was able to get them mounted and close, but they weren’t quite right.

pair of doors almost properly mounted

The door on the left was slightly higher than the door on the right. I was getting tired so I knocked off for the evening.

This evening, I went and sat down and examined the situation. Turned out I needed to make the hinge mortise on the lower left a tiny bit deeper to even out the gap on the left. After I did that, the doors were much closer but still not right. Another close look and I saw I needed to make the top right hinge mortise a tiny bit deeper. Once I did that, they lined up perfectly and the gap between them is nice and even.

properly mounted doors

Only three more pairs to go…