Today I began finishing the unfinished parts of the doors, which started with some final sanding. But first I extracted a screw which had broken off in one of the hinge holes and patched it.

broken screw end

I had to excavate a signifcant area round the hole to get access to the end of the screw.

broken screw end

I then made a patch piece.

planing a small piece

After I glued it in place and trimmed it smooth, I’m all set to redrill the hole when reinstalling the door. Since this will be behind the hinge, I didn’t stress matching the grain.

patched door

I took the time to figure out how I will fit the doors into one of my ‘finishing booth’ areas. My buddy Ray suggested putting the ninth door under the table, which is an excellent idea.

doors set up for finishing

Just adding a coat of garnet shellac brought the color of the frames more in line with the panels, as the two doors on the left show.

two doors with shellac

After letting the shellac dry, I cleaned up the surface with steel wool, and then applied the first coat of stain.

doors after first round of staining

Next time in the workshop I’ll do the second round of staining. Then comes three coats of polyurethane. That’s when it gets time consuming.